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Rocky Vista University

COVID-19 Information

Rocky Vista University University is now requiring that all students be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please submit evidence of each dose of your COVID-19 vaccine to Sentry MD along with all other health requirements via the Secure Uploader here:


MEDICAL OR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: Please complete the Covid-19 Medical or Religious Exemption form below and submit to Sentry MD for review by RVU. 


If receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, please be aware it might conflict with other required vaccines. The full impact of the COVID-19 vaccine on TB test accuracy and effectiveness of other vaccines is currently unknown. Therefore, current CDC guidance is to adjust the timing of TB testing and other vaccine administration to employees who recently received a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following:

  • TB blood and skin tests should be delayed for four weeks after the second mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. However, these tests may be performed at any time before the first COVID-19 vaccine is administered.

  • No other vaccines should be administered for two weeks before or after either dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine series.

If you have any questions, please email

Health Forms

DO MSBS Health Packet

PA Health Packet

COVID-19 Medical or Religious Exemption

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