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Who We Serve

Sentry MD works closely with employees and students who are required to track immunizations, medical tests and certifications in order to fulfill requirements for their employer, university or clinical sites.  Sentry MD can integrate its system with the platforms at each institution to streamline workflows and minimize sign on accounts.  

Meet Up

Employer Groups

SentryMD works with hospitals and other medical staffing to develop user-friendly tracking programs tailored to each institutions compliance requirements.


Health Science Programs

SentryMD serves medical, nursing, and allied health programs across North America. In order to complete their education, these students are required to train in clinical facilities with stringent immunization and certification requirements. We at SentryMD make it simple to submit and access their documentation and maintain compliance with their requirements to ensure the success and safety of their practice.

Science Lab Student

Colleges and Universities

SentryMD is also available to serve university students who are not participating in a health science program. If your program requires students to maintain compliance with items such as influenza, MMR, Meningitis, Covid-19 or other health requirements, our user-friendly services can assist students with achieving and maintaining compliance.

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