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Compliance With Your Organization’s Requirements

Filling Out a Medical Form

Health and immunization records are sent directly to Sentry MD. We process the information, apply it to the member's account according to your organization's requirements, and store the records on secure servers. We track your organization's compliance on an individual and program level, and assist with maintaining compliance with reminder notices that can be sent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, according to your needs

  1. Free up your staff from time consuming administrative tasks

  2. Increase focus on your mission

  3. Improve member compliance with your organization and state health requirements

  4. Increase the safety of members, patients, and staff in health care settings

  5. Assistance for members to understand their institutions requirements

Industry-Leading Customer Service

Sentry MD provides a comprehensive solution with a focus on excellent customer service. Our staff is dedicated to meeting each client's specific needs and establishing a relationship and trust with members. All interactions are met with an efficient turnaround time, attention to detail, accuracy, and a friendly tone to ensure each user’s specific needs are met and more. Our team provides proactive account reviews, and we have built-in layers of quality assurance to guarantee the overall experience is an accurate and helpful one.

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How It Works

Sentry MD offers professional services and state-of-the-art systems to establish customized procedures for your organization.


We analyze your current requirements, procedures, and forms and collaborate with you to develop the most efficient and effective means to gather, process, and access member health information. Sentry MD incorporates your requirements and our services to develop processes that ensure accuracy and maintain compliance.




These customized procedures may include any or

all of the following :

  • Assistance with form design.
  • Submission of member rosters to SentryMD

  • System integration using data exchange protocols and SSO interfaces where appropriate

  • Members can submit health records directly to Sentry MD through a secure file uploader unique to your program.

  • Records are processed and data-entered by SentryMD health record professionals, which reduces your administrative and storage costs.

  • Notifications of compliance are sent via email to students on a schedule mutually determined by SentryMD and program administrators.

  • Monthly reminder emails are sent to members for items that are missing or approaching expiration. Reminders can be sent on a schedule that best suits your program or organization.

  • On-line compliance reporting showing both compliant and non-compliant members is available to authorized  administrators 24/7.
  • The Sentry MD system allows an unlimited number of authorized users per institution.
  • On-going e-mail correspondence with members regarding their documentation and program requirements.

  • Members have 24/7 access to their records, as well as the ability to download and print any document or snapshot of their compliance status.

  • Requests for release of records can also be sent to SentryMD and fulfilled by SentryMD personnel.  Release procedures are HIPAA compliant and appropriate logs are kept of released information.

  • All member health and immunization forms are available via a customized link for your members.

  • Ability to track varying requirement standards across many programs or sites.

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